Stetson Boots

Stetson Boots

140 years ago John Stetson decided to “Go West” and leave behind the everyday and set out for parts unknown in the western footwear industry.  Born from that vision was a boot and apparel company that created the classic symbol of the West, Stetson.  Stetson Boots are made and designed to be comfortable and feel like you’ve worn them a hundred times the FIRST time you put them on.  Stetson doesn’t believe you should have to break a pair in, so they do it for you before you even put them on!   There are many reasons and innovative features that make Stetson boots feel great and look even better – Stetson believes that quality is the key to producing the best product for the market.  Most Stetson boots feature a 9-iron sole, meaning it is 3/16″ thick.  The key to flexibility and comfort in the sole is the be as thin as possible while maintaining high quality and durability.  Another key characteristic of Stetson boots is that they are made of 100% leather… composites or plastics like many boots are manufactured with.  Also, Stetson boots use 100% virgin cork to fill the void between the insole and outsole.  This is premium feature because the virgin cork will not break down over time and just like a cork in a wine bottle, it performs well under pressure and when the sole gets wet.  So if you’re in the market for a high quality, yet comfortable boot the first time you slip them on your feet – you should “Go West” and saddle up with some Stetson Boots!  Get them at Rocky Top Leather.

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Corral Boots

Corral Boots

Corral Boots

Are you interested in hand-made, designer boots with intricate leather designs and stunning decorations that will make a splash and huge statement the moment you put them on?  Then Corral Boots are just what you’re looking for!

Corral Boots have been manufacturing handcrafted boots for 12 years now and have created a fashion niche in the western boot design that is unparalleled.  Each and every Corral cowboy boot is individually handcrafted with the finest materials available making Corral boots unique and simply luxurious!  You’ll be hard-pressed to find another cowboy boot on the market with the same flair, detail, and quality craftsmanship as a Corral Boot.  And what we love about Corral Boots is their commitment to keeping their prices affordable in lieu of most western fashion boot costs — all the while offering a supremely quality product!

Click here to grab a pair today — you will look magnificent in your new pair of Corral Boots and your new hand-made, western designer fashion boots will be the talk of the party…..GET YOUR BOOT ON!

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UGG Boots Are The Perfect Gift For The Holidays

Ugg BootsIf you are having trouble coming up with gift ideas for the upcoming Holiday season, then maybe you should check out UGG boots. They have a wide selection of different boot styles and designs that are both great for men and women. UGGs are also famous for how warm and comfortable they are, and there is nothing better than slipping on some cozy boots when it is cold outside. You definitely won’t have to worry about your feet getting cold in these super soft sheep-skin boots. Even if it snows outside, this high-quality leather will protect you from the cold and keep you comfortable and stylish all day long. Most people don’t even know how UGG boots got their start, and they would be surprised to know they began in California over 30 years ago. Surfers used to wear them on the beach because they were easy to slip on and off and also kept their feet warm and dry whenever they were coming out of the water. Their popularity skyrocketed in 2000, though, when Oprah put them on her Oprah’s Favorite Things® list. After that, everyone had to have a pair, and they are now one of the most popular boots out there today. Whether you are looking for discounted UGG boots, or a brand new pair, you shouldn’t have any problem finding something that fits anyone you are trying to find a gift for.

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Justin Flip Flops

We all know and love Justin Boots and Hats, but did you know that Justin also makes some of the most beautiful and comfortable flip flops your feet have ever laid their soles on?  Ladies, this trusted and affordable brand name, Justin, is creating fashion flip flops that will have your girlfriends asking what you got on your feet!

Justin Flip Flops go perfectly with jeans, short, or skirts and can be had in flat heels, wedge heels, or platform heels.  And ladies, Justin knows how much you love jewels and bling, so they accented their flip flops with studwork, beading, and conchos galore!  Justin flip flops can prove to be some of the most versatile shoes in your closet, especially for those of you girls in warm weather!

With the Justin name, you can buy these flip flops with the confidence that you’ll get quality, affordability, and fashion all wrapped into flip flop bliss!

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Laredo Boots

Laredo Boots have a reputation for giving the hard working man a superior boot for his hard-earned dollar.  Known as a value priced western boot, Laredo puts working feet into tough, authentic, durable, and comfortable boots without destroying your wallet.  These boots can handle just about anything you can throw at them, whether you’re riding a horse, loading a dock, working a ranch or farm, or building on a construction, Laredo Boots won’t let you down.

Every boot in the Laredo line offers excellent quality and style at an affordable price.  They absolutely cover the style spectrum from ropers to classic western to buckaroo to exotic skins…..alway keeping you and your check-book in mind.

So if you are a hard working man or woman or simply looking for authentic, stylish, quality boots that are going to stand the course of time and work while not costing you your retirement account, your answer is Laredo Boots.  Put Laredo Boots to work for you — you won’t be disappointed and neither will your wallet!  Click here to see all the new ladies fashion Laredo Boots.

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Dingo Boots

In the early 1970s, Dingo Boots were conceived and burst onto the fashion scene.  Dingo Boots immediately created a fashion revolution with western wear as they offered fantastic fashionable boots at a fabulous price!  Early spokesman, Joe Namath created quite a buzz for Dingo Boots as that generation of young, hip, fashion conscious boot wearers began turning to Dingo Boots for their fashion footwear needs.

Today, whether you’re looking for cutting edge motorcycle boots or cowboy boots, Dingo Boots has you covered as they are for the rugged cowboy, biker, and urban cowboy.  They offer quality and fashion at an affordable price.  This is what makes Dingo Boots stand out in the western boot industry; high quality, fashionable boots, at nice prices!

Dingo Boots has a great selection of boots for men, women, and children alike — each made with great care and quality.  So make your buck have some bang with Dingo Boots!  You’ll stand out in the nightclub or the rodeo in your stylish Dingo Boots and you won’t pay a lot to do so.  Click here to buy some Dingo boots today.

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Dan Post Boots

click here to check out the Dan Post boots that is a western boot company that was founded in the 1960s in Clarksville, TN and has been a leader in the western boot industry since its inception.  Its goal was and still is to help western boot consumers find a higher quality authentic western boot.  This boot manufacturer is serious about making the best boots possible and it takes every measure necessary to ensure that every single pair of Dan Post Boots is of the highest quality.  This means serious quality inspections and checks throughout the manufacturing process that meet the highest standards in the industry.

Dan Post Boots has been listening to its customers for years as they’ve requested quality, fashionable, and comfortable boots.  In response, they’ve worked diligently to give its customers exactly what that wanted – a comfortable, durable, stylish western boot.  When you buy a pair of Dan Post Boots you can rest assured that you’ve purchased a boot that has been inspected and re-inspected by industry leading, expert boot makers before it ever slides onto your foot.

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John Deere Boots

John Deere is a brand name that has been synonymous with “quality” since 1837 when John Deere revolutionized the rough work industry.  From the birth of John Deere tractors also came John Deere Boots, which quickly embraced the John Deere mantra, “Nothing Runs Like a Deere!”John Deere makes boots for men, women, and children.  While JD boots are extremely tough and durable, most popular with those in rugged conditions like loggers, ranchers, miners, cowboys, and farmers they are also a fan favorite of those looking to add a Western look to their footwear collection.  Over the course of time, John Deere boots have proven tough, comfortable and fashionable.

As for what makes John Deere boots so durable and comfortable is the quality in which they are made.  The boots are made of leather that has undergone barnyard acid resisting treatment so that it becomes 3 times tougher and longer lasting than regular leather.  Most of their boots are also waterproof and constructed of premium welt with a mid-sole that absorbs shock and an outsole made of string rubber.  The result; quality and comfort.

So consider a pair today, especially if you are facing rough, tough work conditions because these boots aren’t going to let your feet down.  They embrace John Deere quality and will have you looking great in doing so.  Remember, “Nothing Runs Like a Deere!”  Click here to buy John Deere boots.

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Twisted X Boots

Twisted X Boots is in the business of making better boots.  They’ve spent immeasurable time, effort, research, and development processes to design the best boot possible.  Twisted X Boots are making boots with unique techniques that make them stand out in a crowd of boot makers.  They are constantly using new, state-of-the-art technologies, stronger and lighter components, new tanning processes, and more consistent manufacturing techniques.

So what you get in a Twisted X Boot is a traditional and authentic looking boot.  But in that look, you get a boot that is more durable, stable, light weight, breathable, and comfortable.  To get a consistent fit throughout each Twisted X line of boots they use the same exact last measurement from ball to heel.  They use a footbed that is moisture wicking, antibacterial and machine washable.  The insole is one piece that is injected with composite X shank and flex grooves for maximum stability.  They have a rubber midsole and genuine super slab rubber outsole.  All of this equal a superbly built boot offering its user a comfortable and stylish boot.

In light of these facts, it becomes obvious why Twisted X Boots has thrived in the Western Boot industry.  They have committed themselves to manufacturing a better boot and they’ve gone to every length possible to provide their customer with a better boot!  Click here to buy Twisted X Boots.

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Old Gringo Boots

In the fall of 2000, an experienced boot-maker named Yan Ferry and a designer of 30 years, Ernie Tarut, partnered together to form what we now know as, Old Gringo.  It was their intent to combine their years of experience in leather manufacturing to design and manufacture boots of superior style and quality.  Thus was born, Old Gringo Boots, the “only handcrafted artisan boots.”

Old Gringo boots have created a niche in the Western boot industry with style and pizazz!  Old Gringo has attracted the taste-likes of traditional western, vintage wear, contemporary fashion, rock star fashion, equestrian, and even European vogue.  They have captured the traditional charm of western boots while adding contemporary cutting edge style.  This has made Old Gringo unparalleled in the western boot industry.

But let us not forget that Old Gringo boots are hand-made with extreme care and quality.  So not only do we get a boot that is unsurpassed in style and fashion, but also of superior quality and comfort being hand-made with great care and extreme attention to detail.

So if you’re contemplating a new pair of boots, whether it’s traditional western or contemporary fashion, and looking to make a footwear statement, let Old Gringo Boots do the talking!  Rocky Top Leather has all the newest styles of Old Gringo boots.

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Double H Boots

Are you looking for a boot that can withstand the pressure of performing well under the toughest conditions?  Well, Double-H Boots have certainly spent plenty of time under the spotlight!  These boots have been worn by such stars as Charlie Daniels, Lynyrd Skynard, Hank Williams Jr, Larry the Cable Guy, Toby Keith, Little Big Town, 3 Doors Down, and more.  If these celebrities are wearing Double-H Boots, then something must be said for Double-H Boots!

So what sets Double-H Boots apart?  It all starts with its Black ICE Construction Technology. The outsole is a high abrasive, oil resistant outsole engineered to stand up to the toughest conditions.  The boots Bio-Corque conforms to the contour of the foot for cushion and the Vitalize Orthobed provides cushion in the prime impact zones.  The Black ICE constructions ends with its removable contoured footbed which provides cushioned arch support and includes the Double-H DRYZ moisture management system.  Double-H Boots also utilizes the plyurethane material, Poron in its insole construction, which is a foam that offers more shock absorption than any other material used in insoles and prevents permanent compression resulting in maximum comfort for the entire life of the boot.

So it’s clear why stars like Toby Keith, Lynyrd Skynard, Hank Williams Jr, Charlie Daniels, and Larry the Cable Guy wear Double-H Boots; Double-H Boots are made with your foots best interest and made to withstand the pressure of the spotlight!  Grab yours today at Rocky Top Leather.

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Chippewa Boots

Chippewa Boots is recognizably one of the last high quality outdoor footwear manufacturers that is known for tough, durable, dependable, classic boots.  If you appreciate and demand the highest quality in outdoor footwear, then look no further than Chippewa Boots.

Chippewa Boots got its start in 1901 in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin producing at the time a top end logging boot for the areas lumber camps.  Chippewa Boots quickly became the benchmark boot for the iconic lumberjacks of the Midwest and Canada.  From there, Chippewa Boots outfitted the Military for its boots starting in 1914 with WWI and even todays Chippewa Arctic Boots feature outsoles and grooves for ski bindings as tribute to the soldiers that wore the same boots in WWII to parachute into the European mountains with snow skis in extreme cold and snow.

Since then, Chippewa Boots has continued to put on the market place some of the industries finest and highest quality outdoor footwear.  Today, Chippewa Boots are known for their Kush-N-Kollar technology which is a component designed to reduce stress on the Achilles tendon while walking for long periods of time.  Also, today’s Chippewa Boots are outfitted with Vibram outsoles and if you know outdoor footwear, then you know there is no higher quality outsole than Vibram.

I think it bears repeating……if you appreciate and demand the highest quality and ultimate value in your outdoor footwear, than look no further than Chippewa Boots.  Click here to see all the latest Chippewa boots.

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