John Deere Boots

John Deere is a brand name that has been synonymous with “quality” since 1837 when John Deere revolutionized the rough work industry.  From the birth of John Deere tractors also came John Deere Boots, which quickly embraced the John Deere mantra, “Nothing Runs Like a Deere!”John Deere makes boots for men, women, and children.  While JD boots are extremely tough and durable, most popular with those in rugged conditions like loggers, ranchers, miners, cowboys, and farmers they are also a fan favorite of those looking to add a Western look to their footwear collection.  Over the course of time, John Deere boots have proven tough, comfortable and fashionable.

As for what makes John Deere boots so durable and comfortable is the quality in which they are made.  The boots are made of leather that has undergone barnyard acid resisting treatment so that it becomes 3 times tougher and longer lasting than regular leather.  Most of their boots are also waterproof and constructed of premium welt with a mid-sole that absorbs shock and an outsole made of string rubber.  The result; quality and comfort.

So consider a pair today, especially if you are facing rough, tough work conditions because these boots aren’t going to let your feet down.  They embrace John Deere quality and will have you looking great in doing so.  Remember, “Nothing Runs Like a Deere!”  Click here to buy John Deere boots.

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