Old Gringo Boots

In the fall of 2000, an experienced boot-maker named Yan Ferry and a designer of 30 years, Ernie Tarut, partnered together to form what we now know as, Old Gringo.  It was their intent to combine their years of experience in leather manufacturing to design and manufacture boots of superior style and quality.  Thus was born, Old Gringo Boots, the “only handcrafted artisan boots.”

Old Gringo boots have created a niche in the Western boot industry with style and pizazz!  Old Gringo has attracted the taste-likes of traditional western, vintage wear, contemporary fashion, rock star fashion, equestrian, and even European vogue.  They have captured the traditional charm of western boots while adding contemporary cutting edge style.  This has made Old Gringo unparalleled in the western boot industry.

But let us not forget that Old Gringo boots are hand-made with extreme care and quality.  So not only do we get a boot that is unsurpassed in style and fashion, but also of superior quality and comfort being hand-made with great care and extreme attention to detail.

So if you’re contemplating a new pair of boots, whether it’s traditional western or contemporary fashion, and looking to make a footwear statement, let Old Gringo Boots do the talking!  Rocky Top Leather has all the newest styles of Old Gringo boots.

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