Stetson Boots

Stetson Boots

140 years ago John Stetson decided to “Go West” and leave behind the everyday and set out for parts unknown in the western footwear industry.  Born from that vision was a boot and apparel company that created the classic symbol of the West, Stetson.  Stetson Boots are made and designed to be comfortable and feel like you’ve worn them a hundred times the FIRST time you put them on.  Stetson doesn’t believe you should have to break a pair in, so they do it for you before you even put them on!   There are many reasons and innovative features that make Stetson boots feel great and look even better – Stetson believes that quality is the key to producing the best product for the market.  Most Stetson boots feature a 9-iron sole, meaning it is 3/16″ thick.  The key to flexibility and comfort in the sole is the be as thin as possible while maintaining high quality and durability.  Another key characteristic of Stetson boots is that they are made of 100% leather… composites or plastics like many boots are manufactured with.  Also, Stetson boots use 100% virgin cork to fill the void between the insole and outsole.  This is premium feature because the virgin cork will not break down over time and just like a cork in a wine bottle, it performs well under pressure and when the sole gets wet.  So if you’re in the market for a high quality, yet comfortable boot the first time you slip them on your feet – you should “Go West” and saddle up with some Stetson Boots!  Get them at Rocky Top Leather.

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