Twisted X Boots

Twisted X Boots is in the business of making better boots.  They’ve spent immeasurable time, effort, research, and development processes to design the best boot possible.  Twisted X Boots are making boots with unique techniques that make them stand out in a crowd of boot makers.  They are constantly using new, state-of-the-art technologies, stronger and lighter components, new tanning processes, and more consistent manufacturing techniques.

So what you get in a Twisted X Boot is a traditional and authentic looking boot.  But in that look, you get a boot that is more durable, stable, light weight, breathable, and comfortable.  To get a consistent fit throughout each Twisted X line of boots they use the same exact last measurement from ball to heel.  They use a footbed that is moisture wicking, antibacterial and machine washable.  The insole is one piece that is injected with composite X shank and flex grooves for maximum stability.  They have a rubber midsole and genuine super slab rubber outsole.  All of this equal a superbly built boot offering its user a comfortable and stylish boot.

In light of these facts, it becomes obvious why Twisted X Boots has thrived in the Western Boot industry.  They have committed themselves to manufacturing a better boot and they’ve gone to every length possible to provide their customer with a better boot!  Click here to buy Twisted X Boots.

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